Anime Destiny is UC Berkeley's own annual anime convention, hosted by Cal Animage Alpha.
Anime Destiny Moved to Spring 2016

We have recently received many inquiries about when Anime Destiny 2015 will be held and would like to clarify that Anime Destiny will be moved to 2016 due to issues with venue reservation.

As long-time supporters may know, Anime Destiny was traditionally held in the MLK Student Union until it was closed for construction in 2013. We therefore held Anime Destiny at the Clark Kerr Conference Center in 2013 and 2014. Due to the limited space available at the Clark Kerr location, we were forced to scale down the convention to the disappointment of many supporters and volunteers. Though attendance numbers have met our goals and feedback has been positive, the staff has decided to postpone Anime Destiny until the MLK Student Union is once again available in order to provide the best convention experience possible for our attendees.

We have set a tentative date of mid-Spring 2016 for Anime Destiny and will provide further updates at the beginning of the year. Thank you for your kind support and interest in Anime Destiny. We hope to see you next year!