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Time Stephens Longue Madrone Fifth Floor Patio
10 AM Karaoke
11 AM Karaoke
12 PM Karaoke Coast In The Clouds - J-Rock Performance
1 PM Karaoke Q&A + Learn about Indie J-Rock with Coast In The Clouds Cosplay Gathering by Princess Marly
2 PM Sewing Your First Cosplay?
3 PM Learning Japanese and Studying Abroad Cosplay & Body Positivity
4 PM School in Anime & Learning Scanlation with Prof. Taka Anime Jeopardy
5 PM Masquerade - Craftsmanship Judging Anime Jeopardy cont.
6 PM What Does It Even Mean? Translating Anime Songs
7 PM Masquerade
Dealer's Hall
You can never have too much swag. Come to the Dealer's Hall to buy more of the anime trinkets you know you need. The Dealer's hall is open from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.

Artist Alley
Come swing by to check out awesome prints, book-marks, buttons, and more by your favorite local artists. The Artist Alley is open from 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.
Open Mic Karaoke
(Stephens, 10am-2pm)
It’s time to get out of the shower and show the rest of the world just how well you nail those beats on your favorite OPs, EDs, and insert songs! Enjoy yourself as you release your pent up stress from midterms in an explosion of song with your friends.

Coast in the Clouds - LIVE
(Madrone, 12pm-1pm)
Performing live at Anime Destiny! Coast in the Clouds, a new J-rock inspired music band which plays songs in both Japanese and English, released their new single and EP earlier this year. Enjoy their new music and even covers of songs you already know!

Coast in the Clouds Q&A/J-Rock Outside the “Mainstream”
(Madrone, 1pm-2pm)
Join Coast in the Clouds, a local American J-Rock band, as they introduce themselves and their whole mindset when it comes to their original J-Rock music, and also open for a Q&A session. Additionally, join Coast in the Clouds’ Andrew, Andrei, and Dean as they talk about J-Rock that influenced them, especially those outside of what’s considered “mainstream” J-Rock here in the United States.

Cosplay Gathering
(Tilden Terrace, 1pm-2pm)
Join Princess Marly Cosplay and other wonderful cosplayers at the terrace next to our game room to practice your poses and take some cool pictures --the view is also a big bonus!

Sewing Your First Cosplay?
(Stephens, 2pm-3pm)
Want to sew your first cosplay, but don’t even know where to start? Award-winning cosplayer Carmilla Jo will guide you throughthe process, starting from choosing your first character to huntingdiscounts for fabrics and tackling the sewing learning curve. Come learn from her experience and ask questions you may have!

Learning Japanese and Studying Abroad
(Stephens, 3pm-4pm)
Are you learning Japanese? Do you want to study abroad in Japan? Studying Japanese in a classroom setting isn’t exactly the best approach. Arguably, the biggest goal when learning Japanese is to gain a certain level of fluency when speaking. Doing well in a classroom does not translate into fluency. The more practical method of learning is to study abroad and actually use the language. This panel will discuss about approaches in learning a language (specifically Japanese), learning Japanese while abroad, and why you should study abroad. A student who recently came back from studying abroad in Japan will share his experience learning Japanese while abroad in Japan as well as other experiences as an exchange student.

Anime Jeopardy
(Madrone, 4pm-6pm)
You may be an expert on anime and manga, but do you know your Japanese history? Does your knowledge of soundtracks and voice actors match your expertise in cheap and delicious snack foods?Join us at Anime Jeopardy for a battle of wits that will test the breadth and depth of your memory for inconsequential trivia. There’s a bit of something for everyone, so drop on by for chance at fame and fortune, and maybe even free food?!

School in Anime & Learning Scanlation with Prof. Taka
(Stephens, 4pm-5pm)
Join Takayuki Yokota as he starts off with a short segment covering basics about schools in anime, thereafter leading into a lecture on Scanlation, the process of translating manga online and the people who make it possible. Do you know your stuff about these two areas?

Cosplay Body Positivity: Your Flesh Vessel and You
(Madrone, 3pm-4pm)
Come to an open discussion on body image and cosplay positivity moderated by Princess Marly Cosplay! Come learn about different perspectives of people in the community and walk away with a fresh look on body acceptance.

(Stephens, 5pm-6pm)
Compete against other cosplayers for fabulous prizes! Do you have what it takes to be the best cosplay of them all? Our guests of honor Carmilla Jo and Princess Marly Cosplay will be two of the judges this season!

What Does It Even Mean?: Translating Anime Songs
(Stephens, 6pm-7pm)
Amateur translator Bamboo presents a look at the process of understanding anime songs and their lyrics. The demo will delve into not only the task of translation, but also the mentality that a translator takes into it, guided by examples from personal experience. Whether you’re interested in finding a taste of drama, a new perspective, or even just a few good songs - join us, and we’ll explore music by way of language, cultural context, and the eternal search for meaning in each of our worlds.
(5th Floor, 9am-8pm)
Join us in our game room! We’ll be hosting Rocket League, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Smash Brothers for Wii U, IIDX, and a whole slew of other video games. If video games aren’t necessarily up your alley, don’t worry! We also have board games like Avalon and Machi Koro.