Here at Anime Destiny, we are committed to bringing you the best convention experience while keeping everyone safe. Before registering, please read the Anime Destiny 2017 Convention Policy so that the convention can run as smoothly as possible.
Preregistration is now closed. Please purchase a badge at the door for $10 on the day of the convention if you'd like to attend!
Refunds for preregistration are no longer available.
Artist registration is now closed.
For registration, artists may purchase a full table for $25, or a half table for $15. Any table purchase comes will one artist badge. You may purchase an additional artist badge for each half table. Please be aware registration closes August 31 and the deadline for payment and requests is on October 13. If you would like to cancel your registration, please email us at and we will be able to provide a refund up to three weeks before the event. After October 15, refunds will no longer be available. Please note that the Artist Alley will close at 7:00PM.
Dealer registration is now closed.
Dealers may buy a 10x10' space for $45 or a 10x20' space for $90. Each space purchase comes with tables, chairs, and 2 badges. The 10x20' space comes with 4 badges. If you would like to cancel registration, we provide refunds up to three weeks before the event. After October 15, refunds are no longer available. Please note that the Dealer's Hall will close at 7:00PM.
Panel applications are closed.
There will be a masquerade cosplay contest with prizes. Come sign up at the con!
Volunteer applications are closed.