Anime Desting 2020 has been CANCELLED!

Unfortunately, due to increasing safety concerns and UC policies, we have decided to cancel Anime Destiny 2020.

Please refer to for other events hosted by Cal Animage Alpha throughout the semester.

Hope to see you next year!

Browse the Dealer's Hall for fun merchandise and rare collectibles! Or have a stroll through Artist Alley for quality fanmade products by local artists!
Showcase your awesome costume to other fans throughout the day and at our Masquerade!
Enjoy fun and informative panels about various anime-related topics along with other exciting events!

Anime Destiny is UC Berkeley's own annual anime convention, hosted by Cal Animage Alpha. It will be held on at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union on the south side of campus. We hope to bring together local fans and to provide an enjoyable, cozy experience for our attendees through fun events, interesting panels, and awesome merchandise!